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Fashion Brownie Strikes Again!

Guess who just found a brand new, $298 French Connection sequin dress for $5?! Fashion Brownie, that’s who (and yes, I talk about myself in the third person on purpose)!!!

For once, it’s brand new (sans defects)…and half the sequins aren’t already on the floor…and it zips up all the way (sort of)!!! I love sequins, did I tell you I love sequins?! Even though my boyfriend thinks sequins are for The Golden Girls and I have nowhere to wear this dress.

These aren’t the best photos, but I had to post about my joyous find, especially after spending the entire morning shlepping my old clothes from one "Vintage & Used Clothing Store" to another…only to make $7 (they only looked at the tags which, granted, were not couture, were still cute!).

Anyhoo, I bought a dress for $5(!), it fits and doesn’t have any holes or snags…and just in time for the Met Ball. Although, I suppose I’ll need something long and even more glamorous for tonight’s festivities (don’t judge me, I have a fabulous imaginary life)…and perhaps an invite would be useful as well. :/

Happy Schlepping $5 Monday,


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